“Beat The Broker and Book Direct”

Booking with us gives you great peace of mind, knowing we are not a Broker!  We own all of the vehicles you see on our website.

The problem most clients find when booking with a Broker is that it is like Chinese Whispers!  So many different promises are made, that by the time it gets back to the supplier, it just all goes wrong!

All vehicles seen on our website are owned by us and all vehicle pictures are physical images, not library pictures or purchased online!  Booking with us will assure you that you have come direct.

View Our Vehicles

When booking a car, always ask if you can view the car and be alarmed if they say “NO” or “you can once you leave a deposit”.   We urge you to come see us in person to have a feel of that special car you wish to book and meet us face to face.  After all it would be great to meet our customers in person to build that trust.